P-REACT represented by Mr Alfonso Alfonsi at the “Ethics vs. efficiency in content extraction for digital evidence” workshop

Vicomtech-IK4 took part in the Workshop organised by the LASIE project on “Ethics vs. efficiency in content extraction for digital evidence” that took place on July 15th during the ICDP-15 conference. The participation to the workshop was restricted only to invited EU projects, policy makers and ethical and privacy experts and end users in the security field.

Mr Alfonso Alfonsi, external expert and member of the P-REACT project’s Ethical Advisory Board attended the workshop in representation of the P-REACT project. Open and vivid discussion took place during the workshop. The conclusions and open questions that came as a result fo the workshop will serve all participants, including the P-REACT project, to improve their future work on this field.

Click here to read a note from Mr Alfonso Alfonsi about the event.

Location: Queen Mary University, London, UK
Date: July 15-17, 2015