The P-REACT project will design and develop a low cost surveillance platform that will detect Petty Crime incidents. The solution will encompass intelligent video and audio sensors to detect petty crime incidents, a cloud based monitoring, alert detection and storage platform. Technology trends in computer vision, motion detection, video retrieval, semantic video analysis and cloud technology will be exploited. There will be a focus on utilising open existing and standardised technologies and procedures to develop the solution so that is will be interoperable. The solution will be designed, developed and tested with end users during the project.

The expected results of the P-REACT project are:

  • The development of Intelligent Sensors (image & audio) capable of detecting petty crime incidents.
  • The development of a cloud based Video Content Management Solution (VCMS)
  • The creation of a petty crime reporting and mapping solution with encourages community participation.
  • A solution which takes into account a ‘Privacy-by-design’ approach
  • Exploitation of the solution during trials based on user defined scenarios