End User Advisory Board

In addition to the end-users organisations involved in the project as partners (KEMEA, SRM), P-REACT will benefit from an advising collaboration of this single board, composed by end-users and Law Enforcement Agencies with the aim to provide feedback on the Analysis of Petty Crime Incidents, the identification of the information needed by the back-end system, scenario definitions and constraints, testing, validation and assessing of the security solution developed. The EUAB will collaborate, as an advisor, to any relevant activities during the project, evaluating relevance of decisions and results, guaranteeing the sustainability of the solution.

To this end, the main input and feedback provided by the EUAB will take place within WP2 (System Requirements) and WP5 (Trials and End User Feedback). Specifically, regarding the System Requirements gathering, the EUAB will provide feedback on Petty Crime Incidents for the Analysis of Petty Crime Incidents/Nature (Task 2.1); the EUAB will supply feedback on the security requirements of the system for Data Integrity and Privacy (Task 2.2) and will support the definition of Post Incident Data Processing Requirements (Task 2.3). Within the Work Package that brings together Trials and End User Feedback (WP5), the EUAB will be involved in the definition of trial scenarios and specific use cases (Task 5.1– Trials Scenarios Definitions and Constrains). Besides, this advisory board will participate in field trial (Task 5.2) and in the system evaluation (Task 5.3 – Trials Evaluation and User Feedback). Up to now the following organizations expressed their interest to serve as EUAB members:
Cyta, Cyprus

Hellenic Police/Forensic Science Division, Greece

Trainose S.A, Greece

PYRSOS Security S.A., Greece

Railway Procurement Agency (RPA), Ireland

TPER spa Bolognia, Italy

ICTS Hellas, Greece

Udaltzaingoa / Guardia Municipal, Spain

ISS Security S.A., Greece

Cyprus Police, Cyprus

Municipality of Bologna, Italy