Dissemination activities in the 9th Summer Safety & Reliability Seminars, June 21 – 27, 2015, Gdansk/Sopot, Poland (SSARS 2015)

Aditess ltd took part in the 9th Summer Safety & Reliability Seminars organised by ESRA and PSRA that took place on June 21 – 27, 2015 in Gdansk/Sopot, Poland.

The annual one-week Summer Safety and Reliability Seminars are organised to advance the methods for the safety and reliability analysis of complex systems and processes and to disseminate the newest achievements in the field. The subjects of the Seminars, different from year to year, are chosen by the Seminars Boards in an effort to dynamically represent the methodological advancements developed to meet the newly arising challenges in the field of safety and reliability.

Mr Nikolaos Koutras, Director of Aditess Ltd (P-REACT Partner), represented the P-REACT project and made the presentation of the accepted by the organized committee paper: “Fighting volume crime: an intelligent, scalable and low cost approach”. Through the presentation of the P-REACT paper, ADITESS analyzed the project novel intelligent surveillance solution that integrates video and audio analytics both on-site (using an embedded platform connected to local sensors) and centrally on a cloud service. This intelligent surveillance system has been conceived and designed to anticipate volume crimes in areas where video surveillance is allowed by current legislation and more specifically in shops and public transportation systems; intended as a modular and low cost solution. Project brochures were distributed in all the conference participants.

Summer Safety & Reliability Seminars 2015 Summer Safety & Reliability Seminars 2015 Summer Safety & Reliability Seminars 2015