Athens, Greece – 25th February 2016

athens_pres_1The Athens will take place in two different locations. The first one, a small coffee shop, is located inside the campus of the Ministry of Citizen Protection, in the urban area of the city of Athens. KEMEA offices and control room are located in the same campus. The second location will be used for simulating the gas station theft and is located in a Police campus few kilometres from KEMEA.

The trial in Athens will concentrate on use cases in indoor environments, considering petty crimes in small shops and gas stations. The main scenario involves a break-in in a small coffee bar and assault in a gas station, as two of the prominent issues identified by retailers.


Real time notifications of the incidents will be transmitted to P-REACT control room with the use of P-REACT cloud management technology.

The invited experts and project partners will be accommodated in the KEMEA control room, which has all required infrastructure and IT services for the trial execution, including a pair of projectors, video wall screens, white boards, large size touch screen etc. The control room fully supports all trial phases.


In relation to external experts the consortium will invite stakeholders from those organisations that are part of the P-REACT End-user Advisory Board including security companies, Police departments, shop owners associations, representatives from Municipalities etc.

Presentations of the Athens Trial can be downloaded by clicking the following links: